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Urban Scrawl exhibition – March 2013

Gavin Brown’s latest body of work takes the viewer on an exploration of the ever changing and ever energetic urban environments that the artist calls his home town.

Melbourne’s famous graffiti street art landscapes provide the inspiration for Urban Scrawl, a reflection of the beautiful and at times brash abstract layering of disparate artworks that haunt Melbourne’s
laneways and alleys to create the evolving patina that is the backdrop to our inner-city lives. Gavin’s figurative characters and fanciful collages of spirit creations live in a world of reassembled paint, paste and paper. In these works, the fleeting fragility of graffiti street art is afforded a permanent record in oil and canvas. A scrawl of tags, paste ups and spray work are re-imagined into the artist’s own demimonde, which he invites his audience to cohabit.

Exhibition Opening

Sat 23 March 2013, 1pm–3pm

Exhibition Dates & Hours

Tues 19 March – Sat 6 April 2013

Previews by appointment

Tue to Thu: 11am–5pm
Fri: 11am–7pm
Sat: 12pm – 4pm

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