Artist’s Statement

My work is constantly evolving and I am forever refining it. Each new body of work reflects something of my prior show, but it also explores several new direction, be that in technique, mood or vision.

Collage has long been the basis for most of my work and I tend to derive my source material from advertising and popular culture media. Currently I am layering this with my own photographic records of the graffiti that pervades Melbourne’s energetic inner urban environments.

In my own chaotic vision, busyness only works with good composition. The rhythm of an image should allow your eye to travel around a painting, acknowledging fragments, while reading the work as a whole.

Glimpses of private worlds fascinate me and I enjoy being an observer and commentator of popular culture in all of it’s excesses and hedonism, it’s beauty and ugliness. I hope to gain an emotional response from the audience, through creating scenarios and narratives, that they can interpret and continue themselves.

Gavin Brown, Melbourne 2011